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Ben is an experienced DJ with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business including nearly 20 years of experience specifically with karaoke. As Kaptain Karaoke, Ben is well aware of the important role a DJ plays at an event. You need a DJ who knows how to keep the party going, which means having a steady supply of music and fun. Ben has the experience necessary to put on a fun event that will keep things moving. This means knowing how to read the crowd and knowing when to pick things up.

Any DJ will tell you that it's also about pace. It's up to the DJ to set the pace and tone for the duration of the event. Ben has provided his expert DJ and karaoke services at many local establishments. It should come as no surprise that Ben's services are often requested on a regular basis. See for yourself how a professional DJ can make a karaoke party even more memorable.

Schedule a karaoke night or karaoke party in the Miami, FL area today! Call Kaptain Karaoke at (305) 652-9376 for availability of karaoke DJ bookings or for additional information about available DJ services. You get the sound you want because the highest quality equipment available is always used. Ask about our special rates for private parties! We keep the party going all night!